RCSEd Dentsply Sirona Dental Skills Competition Finalists 2016-2017

Natalie Miller


"I feel really fortunate to have made it through to the final and I’m excited for what the next stage of the Dental Skills Competition will bring. The regional heat was really good fun and a great opportunity to consolidate my clinical skills. It provided a chance to practice MCC preparations and enabled me to focus on producing the best standard of quality I can achieve."

Marc Harrington


"I’m an amalgamation of lucky, proud and excited! After the initial embarrassment and erythema of winning, I went home and felt elated, like a king of crowns! I’m still in disbelief, there’s an incredible amount of talent and determination amongst my QUB year group, it could have gone to any one of them. Some would say I’ve just won an exam, I’d have to say I’ve won an amazing opportunity!
The event was very well organised, the criteria for assessment was made available well in advance. Carving out a plastic tooth to precise measurements, specific shape, upside down with untouchable adjacent teeth using a 400,000 RPM drill was definitely challenging enough for me!"

Ed Newton


"I am really thrilled to be going to Edinburgh to compete in the Grand Final and it’s also nice to be noticed for something I enjoy and take pride in. I did find the competition challenging; at my experience level most of dentistry is a challenge, but that’s something I enjoy and gain satisfaction from.
We are told dentistry is becoming more and more competitive, so hopefully it will help me stand out from the crowd. I also particularly enjoy restorative dentistry and with manual dexterity an important part of it, hopefully it will provide some recognition for this skill set and help me pursue a career down this line once I qualify.
I think it’s going to be a great chance to meet and speak to people further along in their careers than myself and hopefully gain insight into their experiences and the opportunities that the College provides to further my skills after qualifying."

Rupinder Kaur Sarai


"It was a very surprising result as I wasn’t expecting this outcome. Having said that, I was very pleased to have gone through and be given such a great opportunity to represent my dental school! It was quite challenging and I was a little worried about the time allocated but I managed to complete the preparation in time. It was also a fun experience as I didn’t feel nervous about the end result – I just wanted to take part. It was different to exams as it was a more relaxed atmosphere and so this made it enjoyable."

Donya Ghorbani

Clare Ratcliff


"I am very much looking forward to the final and feel very lucky to be involved in it. By the sounds of it the tasks set are designed to challenge us yet be enjoyable, and it’s great to be a part of the group of students getting the opportunity to try them. It will be great to meet the other students and dental professionals involved in this competition and I think it promises to be a great event.
Although dentistry is a very practical career and the course is aimed at developing our practical skills very early on, there are few competitions which allow students to showcase what they have learnt outside the clinical environment. I believe being a part of the final will be very valuable to me when applying for future posts and I am very grateful for it."

Mehda Shankar


"It was quite unexpected but I feel great to have made it through to the final. The task was challenging especially with the time frame we had. However, it wasn't unachievable. I think the main thing was to remain calm and in control of the job in hand. Making the final of this competition will be a valuable addition to my CV and will have a positive impact on my career prospects. It will help showcase my skills and help provide future employers with proof of my clinical skills."

Claire Bayliss

  King's College London

"I feel very fortunate to have made it through the regional heats to the Grand Final. I feel like this experience has strengthened my confidence in crown preparation skills and my confidence in clinical skills in general. I enjoyed competing with my peers in a friendly and familiar environment. I hope this will enhance my CV with something at little different that can distinguish me from the crowd of applicants in future dental career applications."

Stewart McLean


"I knew it would be tough to even get a podium finish let alone win! I’m looking forward to the challenge against the other students in Edinburgh. The experience was a good one, a well thought out process that challenged my existing practical skills.
Affiliating with The Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh offers the chance to complete several examinations, particularity the MFDS, and further opportunities for fellowships in research and travel. Furthermore, as an undergraduate I intend to make full use the of the resources to promote my continuing professional development."

Aseel Altemimi


"It’s a great achievement to win the the Leeds heat and having the chance to compete with very talented students in the year group. At first I was anxious at the thought of competing with my colleagues who are all talented. I had never done a crown preparation for a maxillary canine before and I thought it would be a good chance to try and have a go. I felt that it went well and I think it was probably the best crown prep that I have ever done!
The RCSEd is a very prestigious organisation and this is a great opportunity for me to meet  professors and some of the best clinicians in the field. It will give me an idea of what I would like to do in the future and how I can progress in my career. It’s also an opportunity for me to meet fellow students and share ideas. I am considering speciality training and this would be a good opportunity to learn about the MFDS exams and how to become a member of RCSEd."

Elyas Yonis

University of Liverpool Liverpool

"Competing in the Liverpool heat was such a great experience for me, as I had never taken part in such a competition before. The competition was quite challenging because I was up against some of my extremely talented peers in my year. Having won the Liverpool heat is such a great feeling and has boosted my confidence and I look forward to what the future holds.
The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh is a huge organisation dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and an affiliation will provide me with support throughout my dental career. This is an exciting opportunity that I didn’t think I’d have been presented with, and I am grateful for being selected to continue in this process."

Najla Alsaeed

"It was challenging but also a fun experience to have shared with my peers. Very glad to have made it to the final as it can only benefit any future career prospects. There are many benefits I could list in regards to affiliating with RCSEd. Having the opportunity to visit in the first place is already beneficial to me as a final year dental student looking to plan for the future."

Jordan Heron


"I was delighted to be told that I had made it to the final in Edinburgh. It is a very prestigious competition and I feel very privileged to even be taking part yet alone being given the chance to represent my university on a national level. The regional heat was very challenging. The added pressure of having to perform a complicated procedure within a judged competition made this even more difficult, however it was a great way to test out my clinical skills.
It was a great achievement to been given the regional award. Meeting with students from different universities will be a great way to develop working relationships for the future."

Monisha Sharma


"Winning the regional heats came as quite a surprise but I am thrilled to be able to take part in the Final in Edinburgh. It will be challenging as I will be up against students who are in the above academic year with a whole extra year of clinical experience but I am excited to give this competition my best shot and have a chance of winning. I really enjoyed the challenge, in particular how specific the requirements were. I am somewhat a perfectionist and so I thrived under the pressure of carrying out such an intricate preparation within the time limit.
Being a finalist in this competition will reflect to my clinical skills to future employers. As everyone competes for DF1 places, having just a BDS degree will not make you stand out from your peers."

Jonathan Sparks

  Queen Mary's/Bart's

"Initially I was very shocked to have won the regional heat but now that it has sunk in I am very excited to test my skills once again against the best students from the other universities from around the UK. It was a challenging clinical procedure to carry out under the time limit, however I found the experience to be very enjoyable amongst my peers. Being an affiliate to the RCSEd means that I am connected to a large group of qualified dentists with whom I can network with as I start my young career into the world of dentistry.
The chance of being able to win a trip to the Dentsply forum is a huge motivator for me to perform at my best in the grand final in Edinburgh and I am excited and humbled to be invited to take part in it."

Saman Yazdifar

Sheffield University Sheffield

"The competition was tough in my heat but now that I am on my way to the final it is a must to represent Sheffield University to the best of my ability. I am sure all 16 candidates will put their all in the final so a fair amount of practice is in order.
The heat had a very friendly but also fiercely competitive atmosphere about it. The representatives did a great job of settling us down and getting us focused. The competition was very tough and thus I had to keep my cool in order to avoid small mistakes, however by taking my time and using the full hour I felt I was able to display my best work.
Making it to the final is definitely an achievement I am very proud of. It is massive confidence boost, and I hope this new drive I have acquired will enable me not only to do well in the final but also to strive to continue improving my skills throughout my career as I seek to explore my interests in cosmetic dentistry."


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