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Diploma in Immediate Medical Care Edinburgh 22 January 2020

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<div class="row"><div class="large-9 medium-7 small-12 columns"><h1>Diploma in Immediate Medical Care</h1></div><div class="large-3 medium-5 small-12 columns hide-for-small-only text-right"><a class="button small radius" href="/courses-events-exams-search-results-page?SearchType=Exam">&lt;&lt; Find another Exam</a></div><div class="large-3 medium-5 small-12 columns show-for-small-only"><a class="button small radius expand" href="/courses-events-exams-search-results-page?SearchType=Exam">&lt;&lt; Find another Exam</a></div></div><div class="row pcEntry"><div class="medium-6 small-12 columns"><h3><img src="/css/img/courseinfoicon.png" alt="Exam Details" title="Exam Details"> Exam Details</h3><ul class="pcElements"><li><i class="fi-calendar size-24"></i> <strong>Exam Dates</strong>: Wednesday, 22 January 2020 - Friday, 24 January 2020<br /><i class="fi-map size-24"></i> <strong>Location</strong>: Edinburgh<br /><i class="fi-marker size-24"></i> <strong>Venue</strong>: To Be Arranged<br /><i class="fi-alert size-24"></i> <strong>Closing Date</strong>: 25 October 2019</li></ul></div><div class="medium-6 small-12 columns"><h3><img src="/css/img/feesIcon.png" alt="Fees Structure" title="Fees Structure"> Fee Structure</h3><ul class="pcElements"><li><i class='fi-dollar-bill size-24'></i> <strong>Exam Fee</strong>: &pound;0</li></ul></div></div><div class="row pcEntry"><div class="small-12 columns"><h3>General Notes</h3><div class="genNotes"><br><font color=#ff0000> <p align=center></font><font color=#ff0000 size=3>&nbsp;</p> <p align=center><font face=Calibri><strong>Important Note</strong></font></p> <p align=center><font face=Calibri><strong>&nbsp;</strong></font></p> <p align=center><font face=Calibri><strong>This examination has a limited number of places available which will be allocated in the order detailed below.&nbsp; </strong></font></p> <p align=center><font face=Calibri><strong>&nbsp;</strong></font><font face=Calibri><strong>Firstly, specific exam places are allocated to PHEM trainees currently in a PHEM training post and at the pre-determined point of their training as directed by the Intercollegiate Board for Training in Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine (IBTPHEM) (including resit candidates).&nbsp; </strong></font></p> <p align=center><font face=Calibri><strong>Secondly, exam places are allocated to all other applicants (including current PHEM trainees applying outside of their IBTPHEM allotted exam slot) in a strict chronological order of application.&nbsp; </strong></font></p> <p align=center><font face=Calibri><strong>&nbsp;</strong></font><font face=Calibri><strong>Once the exam is full, applicants will be placed on a waiting list in chronological order of application. Those on the waiting list will be offered places that become available on the next available exam diet. </strong></font></p> <p align=center><font face=Calibri><strong>&nbsp;</strong></font><font face=Calibri><strong>For each exam diet,&nbsp;<strong><font face=Calibri>once&nbsp;the fee has been confirmed,</font></strong>&nbsp;there is one opening date&nbsp;and one closing date for all applications. Outside of this period, applications will be returned to the candidate without being placed on the waiting list.</strong></font></p> <p align=center><br></font>This examination is conducted in English. <br><br>Candidates applying for an examination far in advance of the closing date should be aware that examination fees are subject to change. <br><br>In the unlikely event that the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh has to cancel the examination, the examination fee shall be reimbursed, but the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh shall incur no further liability. </p></div><br /></div></div>