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RCSEd National Student Surgical Skills Competition Finalists 2016-2017

Conor Aldworth
Queen's University Belfast Northern Ireland "I was initially quite surprised but am truly delighted to have made it through to the final. I felt there were a lot of strong candidates at the Belfast heat, all the participants in my circuit appeared to be sailing through the tasks so I really was not expecting to hear my name when the winner was announced. However, winning the heat has given me great confidence and motivation to compete in the final. I wish to pursue a career in Orthopaedic surgery and I hope that my success in the competition reflects some aptitude for this. The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh is a world renowned organisation with a reputation for excellence in surgical practice. Making it through to the final of an RCSEd competition will undoubtedly be a strong addition to my CV that will hopefully attract the attention of interviewers when applying for a surgical training programme."
Alex North
University of Dundee East of Scotland "It was a great experience overall. It was fantastic to witness the high standard of surgical skills on show from the students at Dundee University, and it is a testament to the surgical professionals who enthusiastically give their time, and also to the surgical society (DUSS) who run many great events to engage students in surgical teaching.  I was surprised to win, it hadn’t really occurred to me that I would have a chance of qualifying for the final from a heat of such talented individuals."
 Dan Pearson

University of Liverpool  Mersey  

"It was a complete shock to me to make it to the final of the Surgical Skills Competition. This experience has certainly given me confidence in my surgical skills and stokes the motivation to one day become a surgeon. I feel that this competition would definitely enhance the C.V. of any application received for a surgical post in the future.  It would be wonderful to achieve this and to have the rare opportunity to demonstrate both your hands-on skills and your passion for a career in surgery."

Zach Shellman 
 Keele University  West Midlands  

"I was shocked initially but that’s given way to a real sense of accomplishment. More than anything I feel it’s a privilege to represent Keele University and the West Midlands at a national competition. I think reaching the final of the Surgical Skills Competition demonstrates an early proficiency in manual and instrumental techniques vital for a career in surgery."

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