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Annual Conference of the Faculty of Surgical Trainers - Time for Training

Course/Event Details Course/Event Details

  • Course/Event Date: Wed, 4 October 2017
    Course/Event Status: Places available
    Location: Birmingham - Other
    Convenor: Mr Craig McIlhenny, Surgical Director, Faculty of Surgical Trainers, RCSEd

Fees Structure Fee Structure

  • Course Fee: £145
  • Course Fee for RCSEd Member/Fellows: £120
  • Course Fee for FST Members: £100.00
  • Course Fee for Medical Students: £50

Contact Details Contact

Relevant Grades Relevant Grades

  • CT1
  • CT2
  • ST1
  • ST2
  • ST3
  • ST4
  • ST5
  • ST6
  • ST7
  • ST8
  • SpR
  • SAS
  • Consultant