Surgical Anatomy Study Day for Perioperative Practitioners (Principles of Surgical Anatomy)

Course/Event Details Course/Event Details

  • Course/Event Date: Tue, 30 May 2017
    Course/Event Status: Places available
    Location: Edinburgh - RCSEd
    Convenor: Professor Gordon Findlater, Professor of Anatomy, RCSEd
  • CPD Points: 5

Fees Structure Fee Structure

  • Course Fee: £120.00
  • Fee for FPC Members: £100.00

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Relevant Grades Relevant Grades

  • Nurses
  • Other Medical Specialties
  • Surgical First Assistant (SFA)
  • Surgical Care Practitioner (SCP)


This Study Day, entitled 'Principles of Surgical Anatomy', is especially designed for Perioperative Practitioners. The day aims to provide an introduction to principles of surgical anatomy as well as an overview of the structure of the body as a whole, as a basis for further study. The course will consist of short, illustrated introductory talks using case studies, followed by interactive, cadaveric demonstrations, taught by experienced tutors. These sessions will place a particular emphasis on demonstrating the form and relationships of structures of surgical significance in three-dimensions.

Target Audience

Perioperative Practitioners (Surgical First Assistants and Surgical Care Practitioners).

Learning Style

Particular stress will be laid upon encouraging participants to acquire an internally-visualised, 3D model of the body, rather than memorising descriptive detail. Participants will be encouraged to actively apply their anatomical knowledge to all aspects of surgical practice, including safeguarding patient safety. Participants will also be advised to try to understand key structural concepts and to reflect on how best they can continue to develop their individual surgical anatomy knowledge. A short, illustrated textbook, appropriate as preparatory and background reading support, will be provided.

Aims & Objectives

The day is designed to review the practical structure of the plan of the whole body by emphasising features of importance to surgical practice. The course also aims to stress the importance of key concepts and diagrams in helping to understand and visualise body structure.

Learning Outcomes

Following attendance at this study day participants should be able to: 1) Describe the close association between anatomical knowledge and effective safe surgery; 2) Describe how they have improved their capacity to visualise the general body plan; 3) Give examples of important principles of surgical anatomy (e.g. how the attachment of fascial layers may influence spread of infection); 4) Describe ways in which they might improve their own surgical anatomy knowledge.

Additional Information

This course has been accredited by AfPP’s Education Reference Group.

Participant Feedback

1) "Excellent day and really worthwhile – I’ve learnt a lot and feel invigorated to approach learning anatomy at a different level" 2) "The tutors were so enthusiastic and presented the theory at the perfect level – The balance of theory and practical demonstration was also at the right level" 3) "Now I can visualise the structures better. I’ll be able to assist better in my work" 4) "Feel more confident and equipped to explore different ways of learning anatomy e.g. through online learning resources and text"

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