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Diploma in Paediatric Dentistry (Dip Paed Dent (DT) RCSEd)

For Dental Therapists and Graduates in Oral Health Sciences

A one-year online programme in paediatric dentistry for dental therapists and graduates in oral health sciences.

This exciting and innovative programme leads to a diploma in paediatric dentistry for dental therapists. The main aims of this programme are to allow candidates to demonstrate a high level of competence in the diagnosis, treatment planning and delivery of Paediatric Dentistry within the scope of practice of a Dental Therapist, highlighting their knowledge and expertise in paediatric dentistry.

Teaching takes the form of 20 online modules released every two weeks covering topics including but not limited to, periodontal diseases in children, safeguarding children, paediatric radiography and advanced restorative dentistry.

In addition to the online programme, there will be a requirement for all students to attend two consecutive residential days in preparation for the final examination following completion of the programme. There will be the option to attend these residential days at either our Edinburgh or Birmingham campuses (depending on numbers and availability).

Applications are invited from dental therapists and graduates in oral health sciences who are currently registered with the General Dental Council (or appropriate awarding body), and it is recommended that candidates have a minimum of two years’ post-qualification clinical experience. If you are in any doubt as to your eligibility, please get in touch by emailing

The programme fee is £2,500, plus an examination fee of £495.

Applications are now closed for the January 2022 cohort. Applications for the 2023 cohort will reopen in Summer 2022, so please check back for more details. 

If you would like to be added to the interest list for future cohorts or have any questions, please email us at

Location Specific Details


Applications are now closed for the January 2022 cohort. Applications for the 2023 cohort will reopen in Summer 2022, so please check back for more details.

To be added onto the interest list for future cohorts, please email us on 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this programme open to dentists?

No. This programme is aimed at dental therapists or dually qualified dental hygienist-therapists. Therefore, this programme is not eligible for dentists.

Is this programme open to international students?

Yes. If you are not registered with the General Dental Council, please detail the name of the equivalent dental/health council of your country and your registration details on your application/CV.

How do students pay for the programme and exam?

The fee for the course is £2,500. This can either be paid in full prior to the course, or students can choose to pay by Direct Debit. In this case, students would pay 10 monthly payments of £250 starting the month in which the programme commences. The exam fee of £495 is generally payable between the residential days and the exam. However, if students would prefer to pay for the exam prior to this, they can do so.

Does this qualification allow me to carry out additional duties on completion of the course?

No. On completing the course and exam, you will be able to use the post-nominal letter (Dip Paed. Dent (DT) RCSEd). The qualification won’t enable you to carry out additional duties or provide additional responsibilities to your role, it does indicate your additional interest in paediatric dentistry.

What is the timeline of the programme?

The course itself lasts 10-11 months including attending residential days. The exam takes place 12 months after the beginning of the programme. There are 20 modules in total, including an introduction module to the virtual learning environment (VLE) at the beginning of the programme. A new module is launched every 2 weeks.

What does each module consist of?

As this programme is part time online and at a distance, there is a significant amount of self-directed study involved in this programme of study. You are responsible for organising your time and making sure you meet the assessment deadlines and any other requirements. Each module is made up of:

  • online learning material for you to listen to, watch or read
  • suggested further reading
  • multiple choice test questions to be completed at the end of each lecture

You are expected to study a minimum of 20 hours per week, and this time is made up of a mixture of the learning/teaching methods listed above and self-directed reading and reflection. Students will be able to interact with each other and RCSEd staff on the discussion forums on the VLE.

What does the exam consist of?

At the end of the programme of study, there will be an examination, which will take the following format:

  • One two-hour written paper containing six structured short answer questions
  • One 60-minute Single Best Answer (SBA) paper
  • Four simulated clinical case examinations of 15 minutes each

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