Exam Results


22/06/2015Membership in Orthodonticsview
15/06/2015FRCSEd Ophthalmology Part Bview
15/06/2015FRCSEd Ophthalmology Part B - Resitview
15/06/2015FRCSEd Ophthalmology Part C - Resitview
15/06/2015FRCSEd Ophthalmology Part Cview
27/05/2015Intercollegiate DO-HNS - Part 2view
27/05/2015Intercollegiate DO-HNS Part 2 for the award of MRCS(ENT)view
26/05/2015Membership in Prosthodonticsview
21/05/2015Diploma in Orthodontic Therapyview
14/05/2015Membership in Periodonticsview
14/05/2015Membership in Endodonticsview
14/05/2015Membership in Orthodonticsview
14/05/2015Membership in Prosthodonticsview
12/05/2015MFDS Part 2view
11/05/2015Membership in Orthodonticsview
09/05/2015Intercollegiate MRCS Part B - OSCEview
29/04/2015Diploma in Sport and Exercise Medicine Part 2view
28/04/2015Membership in Prosthodonticsview
28/04/2015Membership in Endodonticsview
23/04/2015Diploma in Orthodontic Therapyview
21/04/2015Membership in Orthodonticsview
21/04/2015Intercollegiate MRCS Part Aview
21/04/2015Intercollegiate MRCS Part A (International) view
20/04/2015Tri-Collegiate Membership in Paediatric Dentistryview
19/04/2015Fellowship in Dental Surgery (conjoint examination in Oral Medicine)view
19/04/2015Fellowship in Dental Surgery - Resit (conjoint examination in Oral Medicine) view
14/04/2015FRCSEd Ophthalmology Part Aview
13/04/2015Intercollegiate DO-HNS - Part 1view
02/04/2015Membership in Orthodonticsview
30/03/2015MFDS Part 1view
30/03/2015Intercollegiate MRCS Part B - OSCE (Delhi)view
21/03/2015MFDS Part 2view
11/03/2015Membership in Primary Dental Careview
10/02/2015Intercollegiate DO-HNS - Part 2view
10/02/2015Intercollegiate DO-HNS Part 2 for the award of MRCS(ENT)view
07/02/2015Intercollegiate MRCS Part B - OSCEview
06/02/2015MFDS Part 2view
22/01/2015Fellowship in Immediate Medical Careview
21/01/2015Diploma in Immediate Medical Careview