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Journal of the
Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

August 2001 Volume 46 Number 4

James Wardrop (1782- 1869): from Whitburn to Windsor Castle

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Pseudoaneurysms of the femoral artery: recommendation for a method of repair
N.K. Sharma, K.F. Chin and V.K. Modgill

Treatment and outcome of cystosarcoma phyllodes in Brunei: a 13-year experience
K.Y.Y Kok, P.U. Telesinghe and S.K.S. Yapp

Island pectoralis major myocutaneous flap for pharyngo-oesophageal strictures prior to oesphago coloplasty
N. Ananthakrishnan, M.Nachiappan and K.S.V.K. Subba Rao

Management of simple renal cysts in children
G.V.S. Murthi, A.F. Azmy and A.G. Wilkinson

The effect of sentinel lymph node biopsy on the Nottingham Prognostic Index in breast cancer patients
G. Cserni

Career advice - the role of appraisal
I. Ritchie

Risk group-based management of differentiated thyroid carcinoma
M. Abraham Kuriakose, Wesley L. Hicks Jr, Thom R. Loree and Herman Yee

James Wardrop (1782-1869): from Whitburn to Windsor Castle
G.T. Millar

Combined treatment of a proliferative peri-orbital haemangioma with a tuneable dye laser and intra-lesional steroids to prevent deprivation amblyopia
C.M. Gorst, D.A. Munnoch and K. Hancock

Aquaporins and the surgeon: cautionary tales
R.J. Shaw

Surgical treatment of a tomaculous neuropathy
T.F. Taggart and T.R. Allen

Near total transection of the trachea following percutaneous dilatational tracheostomy
W.K.A. Kedjanyi and D. Gupta

Talc serodesis - report of four cases
D.J. Holthouse and J.O. Chleboun

Post-partum ovarian vein thrombosis
L. Warde, E.W. McDermott, A.D.K. Hill, R.G. Gibney and J.J. Murphy

Fireworks injury: temporal bone penetration and wooden intra-cranial foreign body
A. Al Mulla, M. Purva and A. Behbehani

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Front cover photograph kindly supplied by Mr G.T.  Millar. See page 225, “James Wardrop (1782- 1869): from Whitburn to Windsor Castle”

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